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Weddings have been my favourite subject for quite a few years now.

There is nothing I love more than pressing the shutter button knowing I have just captured a special shot. For me, shooting a wedding is a pleasure. After years of capturing images of various subjects nothing is as exciting as wedding photography.

Apart from the ceremony, and a number of group shots if required, you will not know I was there. I may surprise you with a few shots you weren't expecting!

When it comes to the rest of the day, I will be capturing shots of you, your guests, family & friends in a candid fashion, showing the smiles, surprises and even the tears. I will capture those fleeting moment that you have forgotten about and even those moments that you didn't even know occurred. Little moments are so special and may only ever happen for that one single second in your life. Only a photograph can freeze them in time, for you to look back on and preserve for ever.

The following gallery shows a selection of images from recent weddings and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Click images for larger view. 

When the Wedding day is over

The wedding celebrations are over. You have been on your honeymoon. The flowers are gone and the wedding dress is packed away. You still need to keep those memories alive. Your wedding photographs need to last a lifetime or longer. Your children and grandchildren will be able to keep your memories alive for ever. I can plan your photographic requirements with you. From a pre event visit to the church, hotel, registry office or any other venue you may decide upon for your special day, to delivering your wedding photographs. If you like my style of photography please give me a call on: 07954380107. Or if you prefer, click on the contact link at the bottom or top of the page to send me an email.

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